Who we are

Our experts are market-leaders in their fields with proven track records. We combine technical expertise in economics and finance with decades of experience from consulting, regulation, academia and industry. Our values are an essential part of our business. They guide our culture, the decisions we make and the path we take to achieving our goals.

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Our Team

Stella Deakin

Stella Deakin

Stella co-founded Kairos Economics in 2023. Stella is a Chartered Accountant and regulatory economist. She was previously a Partner in KPMG’s Economics practice, and former official at the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). 

Brett Wilkinson

Brett Wilkinson

Brett co-founded Kairos Economics in 2023. He is an economist, econometrician and financial markets expert. Brett brings consulting experience from KPMG's Economics practice and financial markets experience from a decade in investment banking.

Prof. Alan Gregory

Prof. Alan Gregory

Alan has been an investor and senior adviser at Kairos Economics, since it was established in 2023. He is a Professor Emeritus of Corporate Finance at Exeter University, former CMA panel member and current member of the CMA’s Corporate Finance Panel.

Our story

Kairos Economics is an economics and finance consultancy, founded in 2023 by Stella Deakin and Brett Wilkinson, with their senior advisor and good friend, Professor Alan Gregory.

We have extensive experience advising firms, industry bodies, regulators and policy-makers on matters of regulatory finance, competition finance and strategy. We established Kairos Economics to help our clients solve economic challenges by applying cutting-edge, innovative techniques, efficiently. A streamlined approach allows us to achieve our aims by increasing senior involvement, reducing the risk of conflicts, and maximising our time for the economics.

OUr values

Follow the evidence

We are independent and objective. Our advice won’t change, unless the evidence changes

Foster synergies of thought

We bring diversity of thought to drive solutions that create value beyond the sum of our individual contributions


We combine our depth and breadth of experience, with an appetite for continued learning and growth, to deliver market-leading advice

Innovate where it matters

We provide innovative solutions for clients. We focus on sectors facing significant and novel challenges, to maximise our impact

Act with integrity

We communicate with honesty and respect. Our business decisions are guided by strong moral principles

our differentiators

Market-leading expertise that combines economics and finance

Our core team brings decades of experience applying economic and financial theory to solve real-world challenges. We are able to draw on backgrounds spanning investment banking, accounting and academia to ensure that our economic advice is grounded in commercial reality.

Senior delivery model

We believe that solving novel and complex challenges with actionable solutions in an efficient and timely manner requires a senior delivery model. The experienced makeup of our team means that our clients receive the senior attention their challenges deserve.


Our smaller size lowers the likelihood of conflicts. Coupled with our commitment to provide objective, independent advice, this reduces the restrictions we face on the services we are able to provide.


Our smaller size enables us to mobilise quickly, avoid overstaffing and offer a flexible fee structure to meet our clients’ needs.

Latest insights

A response to Ofgem’s consultation on frameworks for future systems and network regulation

A response to Ofgem’s consultation on frameworks for future systems and network regulation

We repost our response to Ofgem’s consultation on frameworks for future systems and network regulation. This response considers how changes to the regulatory framework might affect the financial environment for energy companies, their financing decisions, and the expected returns required to compensate their investors for changes to their level of risk. Read more

Trumping the US card giants: can Britcoin improve competition in retail payments?

Trumping the US card giants: can Britcoin improve competition in retail payments?

The BoE's digital pound consultation signals a move by the BoE into retail payment systems that could put it head to head with Visa and Mastercard. Kairos Economics has responded to the consultation, highlighting the potential benefits of a digital pound for competition in payments and some key challenges for the BoE to work through, if it is to realise these benefits. Read more

Don’t throw the baby out with the (Thames) bath water

Don’t throw the baby out with the (Thames) bath water

Is our model for the supply of water broken? At Kairos Economics we consider that answers to the current financing challenges lie not in the scrapping of the UK’s current regulatory framework for network financing, but in important changes to its implementation. We also highlight the benefits of mandatory public listing requirements across regulated networks, which could form part of the solution. Read more


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